Sabzi polow, Herbs & rice

April 10th, 2014


Sabzi polo is an Iranian (Persian) dish of rice and chopped herbs, it is usually served with fish. In Persian, sabz means green, and sabzi can refer to herbs or vegetables. Polo is a style of cooked rice, known in English as pilaf. The herbs used in sabzi polo vary, but typically include coriander, dill, chives or scallions and parsley. Iranians traditionally eat sabzi polo with “white fish” for lunch on Nowruz, the Iranian new year, along with their family and relatives….Read more


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Fish roll

March 28th, 2014


  Once removed from the oven and took off the cover, it smelled wonderful  … can be served with rice or alone, in both cases it is delicious….read more 





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Persian Cookie , Koloocheh Fuman

March 13th, 2014


Koloocheh is a Persian traditional cookie made in various parts of Iran.Koloochehs differ in taste and consistency from region to region. Fuman( a beautiful city in north of Iran) is famous for its persian Koloocheh, which are thinner and larger(approximately 4 inches in diameter and 1/2 of an inch thick) than its famous brethren, the Lahijan Koloocheh. While not as well publicized and mass produced as the Koloocheh from Lahijan, Fuman’s Koloocheh is quite popular and tasty….

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Yellow split peas for cooking gheymeh

January 30th, 2014


Bellow are two pictures of yellow split peas, The right one is the type usually available on store shelf, this type of peas are bigger in size, yellower and a little shinier than the other one. It will easily get a mash during cooking process and your stew will end up kind of soup instead of a real, traditional stew.

The left one is smaller in size (known as (Lapeh Tabriz) or Diir Paz, literally means cooking long) this type is perfect for making stew. Just compare the two kind of peas and look for the right one.


Cooked beet

October 9th, 2013

Beet is usually an unwelcomed food, for it’s earthy flavour,to most of the people. when I was a kid, beet used to be sold and served hot on stands or kiosk all around the streets during winter,In Tehran. For years I didn’t even like to try it ,but after year passing I understood and felt the benefits of this wonderful ruby !!


Beet has high nutritional benefits, while too low in calorie. It’s known as body fuel to reinforcing energy through your body. Well facilitate digestive system and is an important factor in calcium absorbtion. My family doctor suggests to take calcium supplements along with cooked beet.

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Beside this intro I still believe beet is most delicious and tempting when it is ruby red and sweet. The way I usually cook them is very easy, also help beets develop its real colour and sweetness….read more.

Two different methods of baking cookies

October 3rd, 2013


Why do some cookie recipes call for the butter being creamed with sugar,while others require butter to be chopped(cut cut) in flour?

Cookies are made in only two general methods :

1-Room temperature butter is beaten with suger to form a soft fluffy cream, then other ingredients are added.2-Fridge cold butter is……….Read more


Oatmeal Coconut Raisin Cookies

September 6th, 2013


I like everything natural and healthy, even prefer confectionery without artificial flavour,color and additive. I just try ; this time I baked these delicious cookies without baking powder,It realy came out wonderful……….Click to read more…..

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